Wednesday, October 2, 2019

It's October~!!

It's October~!! The spooky month is here, friends. Are you excited? Outside of birthdays and anniversaries, Halloween is my favorite holiday and Samhain is my favorite sabbat. This month is all about them! Plus the falling of leaves, crisp air, nights growing shorter, plenty of warm food and drink and of course, warm comfy clothes. There is also a certain magickal feeling in the air. 

This month, my goal is to talk about everything spooky and magickal and also hopefully a bit about gaming and general life. I have a guide I plan on writing, on how to start playing Age of Wushu, because I am absolutely addicted to that game. 

If there's anything you'd like to see - like a certain monster for my Monster Monday series, let me know! If you want to suggest a spooky game (has to be free or reallyyyy cheap), movie, anime or manga - please do! I'll talk about all of this and more. Enjoy your month, friends~!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Weekly Love List~

Oh yes, it's spooky scary skeleton time! I know it's a bit early for some, but Autumn is my favorite season and Halloween and Samhain are my favorite holiday and sabbat, so I'm going to enjoy the heck out of them! 

I haven't wrote a Weekly Love List in SO long. I miss them! Especially when I browse my Pinterest boards and see how much I can share.

Let's get started, eh?

1. Ástrid's birthday (the 10th) and our 12 year wedding anniversary (the 13th) were fabulous! We didn't do much, to be honest! We mainly relaxed. On Ástrid's birthday, we got some yummy food with my father-in-law and mother-in-law, played some Civilization 5 and 6 together and in general, she spent the day with Koji, all of our animal babies and I. 😊 For our anniversary, we just relaxed as I had been having loads of anxiety lately. (More on that in a minute!) I love our gorgeous Ástrid so much. I am soooo happy that I am her wife! 💕

2. Relieffff. I was having nightmare after nightmare and loads of anxiety about something so stupid. Finally, I broke down crying and Koji realized I was crying and asked what happened, so I told him how I was feeling and he took such amazing care of me, talked to me and listened to me and truly made me feel 100% better after a few hours of doing the above. I really needed him and like he's always been, he was there for me. Ástrid and I have the best boyfriend in the entire universe. 😚 I slept without a single nightmare last night and during my nap! Ástrid also helped me feel better. I am so, so lucky. 

Related image

3. Three t-shirts from Hot Topic that I want! Who doesn't love instant ramen?! I like brand t-shirts a lot (I miss my old Coca-Cola shirt! 😭) and this one is great. 

Maruchan Instant Lunch Ramen Girls Crop T-Shirt 

I will fully admit that I didn't know anything about Naruto until Koji told us he looked like an anime character, sent us his picture and then sent us a picture of Itachi and I was like... W O W. Because our boyfriend is really hot. I wanted to know more about the character he liked, and looked like, so I started reading and he became one of my favorite characters and... I've even started watching Naruto for the series itself! So, anyway, I need these shirts

Naruto Itachi Clouds T-Shirt

Naruto Shippuden Itachi Birds T-Shirt

4. I've found two fabulous makeup products that I need! They are Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Gel in Soul Love and Sugar Pill's Swipe Left Lip Gloss!  

Heavy Metal
Swipe Left Lip Gloss
5. I've also found a perfume oil series that I love. It's from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and it's the RPG Series. I want... Paladin, of course, because I chose Paladin in everything! But... Alts are fun, right?! So I'd also love Rogue.

Paladin Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Rogue Perfume Oil

6. Learning Japanese! I'm studying so so so so hard. I'm learning well, I think! I have the hardest time with listening and speaking, but I've learned hiragana (for the most part) and am working on katakana and... sigh... kanji, now. I love Misa's vids, they help soooo much! 

7. Other Little Lovelies: Miso, the BIRTHDAY FOX that I bought for Ástrid for her birthday (picture coming soon)  Getting a new planner for the last half of 2019 and all of 2020   The leaves starting to fall and knowing Autumn is almost here  Planning for October  Eating healthier, it's such a good feeling  Actually watching and enjoying Naruto  Buying new tea to try  and so much more~!!

What are you loving this week? Tell me in my comments section below~!!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

I TURNED 30~!!

Okay... So, like, almost a MONTH AGO I turned 30! I had a wonderful birthday with Ástrid, Koji, all of our pets and with family and friends wishing me a happy birthday! image As I do every year, I made a little resolution list.

Be the best wife and mommy and person I can be! To Ástrid and Koji, all of our animal babies, and a generally good person. By good, I don't mean morally good but good as in the best me I can be. This one goal holds a lot! I have a lot of smaller goals that fit into this one. 

Lose weight! I can feel with every inch of my being, from my mental health to my physical, when I've gained a few extra pounds and I hate that feeling. I plan on Eating Better and Exercising More. I fit two extra goals into this one!

Take better care of my skin! I have the most sensitive skin ever. -_-; I had to see a dermatologist earlier this year and they helped me a lot, but it's a constant struggle to find what I need for my skin. Which is something that is cleansing, moisturizing AND doesn't irritate my face and body. There's also a little extra goal shoved into this one, but I'll share more about that later!

Be less jealous! So... I'm a very jealous person and it's a huge flaw of mine. I've already been working on this one for a while, so it's just something that I need to keep going. Not hard, eh?! 

Learn the bawu! I bought my very own bawu and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Even if I can't do much yet. I hope by my 31st birthday, I'll be able to play a song or two. I was totally inspired by Mo Dao Zu Shi. ^_^ 

✨ Learn Japanese! Ahhhh, I started this one earlier this year and have been working SO HARD ON IT. I've wanted to learn Japanese since 2004 and meeting and falling in love with Koji made my desire to learn even stronger. I decided I didn't just want to learn, I would learn. I got myself a notebook, because writing down hiragana, katakana and kanji is very helpful for me to learn~ and I keep my own little dictionary in there. I've learned to match hiragana and can conjure a lot of hiragana in my mind if I hear an example but I'm still having a hard time writing down what I know.

That being said, the most difficult part isn't learning the alphabet... It's speaking and listening to full sentences. Whenever I feel a little discouraged, I just repeat what I already know. What I know this month, August, is so much more than what I knew in January. Just imagine where I'll be with my studies by July 2020! 

Finish / Catch up on what I'm reading! I'm reading so many fantastic novels, but I'm so far behind on them! I have this annoying habit of not being able to miss even one word while I read, and pair that with spacing out easily, and I'll get through half a chapter and realize I didn't fully read anything... So I have to go back, re-read and ugh. I'm a slow reader as is, which is weird, as I used to finish a huge book in one day when I was younger. I'm currently reading The King of the Battlefield and it's really really good!

Learn how to do my makeup right! I'm so bad at applying makeup! I don't know why... I just am. I can make myself look prettier, but that doesn't mean it's without a big smudge there or a stain there. I want to have flawless makeup skills! I plan on watching a lot of makeup vids on YouTube and practicing a lawt. 

Have a little garden! Wherever Ástrid, Koji and I live, I want a little garden. Ástrid and I didn't do any gardening this year and I really miss the feel of dirt, the relaxation of gardening (even if it's just a small garden or even pots!) and just the taste of freshly grown food. Mmmm!

Buy a nice jacket for Autumn and Winter! I have one that I've wanted for a year now. As long as they don't run out of my size again... I'll buy this October or November! 

[HIDDEN GOALS!] I have a few goals that are hidden, because I don't want to spoil them. XD I'll post about them eventually, though! 

Do you make a resolution list on your birthday? If so, what are some of your goals for this year / next year?! 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello~!! ✨

Hello, friends~!! It's been a while, eh?? I haven't blogged since... *Checking* January!! 😬 It's July now!! I've missed blogging, but every single time I start writing a blog post... I stop halfway through. 😭 Let's see... How is everything?? Ástrid and I are wonderful, we're both on new medication. Mine hadn't been working so I talked to my Doctor and he started me on one called Latuda. I now take a total of 7 pills daily. 😬 Latuda, Lamotrigine, Abilify, Adderall and Klonopin. I take 2 a day of some of them, which is how we end up with 7 pills daily. That's a lot and I hate taking them, but they help me live. 😅 

Our boyfriend, Koji, is also doing wonderful. Though right now his computer is being repaired, so we're not on voice and I'm sad. 😭 Ástrid and I have talked to him every single day, all day long since January. So obviously going without hearing his voice is hard!! But, everything should be fixed by tomorrow (hopefully.) 😁

I love my perfect wife and our perfect boyfriend so much. I'm a very lucky girl!! ❤️❤️❤️ 

All of our animal babies are wonderful toooo. My little family is my whole world. ❤️ 

As for hobbies... I've been playing a lot of TESO (that's The Elder Scrolls Online), Dauntless and Age of Wushu. I'm eager for Age of Wushu 2, the survival game that's coming out... Eventually!! 

Koji and I

Ástrid and I, and my new clothes!! 😁 Both of these screenshots are from Dauntless. It's suuuuch a fun game!!

TV wise, I've been watching Gokusen (currently on season 3), Fruits Basket, Nana, Mo Dao Zu Shi and One Outs. All are fantastic. Gokusen is listed as a drama but it's more of a comedy with an uplifting message. Fruits Basket is a romance anime with dark twists. Nana... I don't know enough about yet, but from what Koji said, it's one of the best mature romance anime series' and the first episode was great!! Mo Dao Zu Shi is funny yet also dark but in a different way, as the main character uses dark magic, which I love!! Finally, One Outs is about baseball but the MC uses a lot of psychological methods of getting what he wants. I love psychological anime and manga.

As for what I've been reading... There's Solo Leveling, a Korean manga and also The Scholar's Reincarnation, another Korean manga. I've also been reading the Chinese novel Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God as well as Warlock of the Magus World. As you can tell, I've been busy with all my favorite media. Gaming, watching TV and reading!! 

Outside of that... I've been practicing with a loom and waiting impatiently for my 30th birthday (it's so soooon, July 28th!!) 

So, that's everything going on here~. What's going on with all of you?! Fill me in~!! 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Currently 🍵

HAPPY NEW YEAR, LOVELIES~!! My little life has been bussssy, but I'm alive. One reason why I've been so busy is that my little family has grown. Ástrid and I have a boyfriend from Japan now! I never ever ever thought I would be poly. I don't have ANYTHING against people who are poly, I just thought I was strictly monogamous. Until he came along and Ástrid and I found ourselves falling for him and him for us, thankfully!!

My gorgeous Ástrid is doing well 💕. I've been... Off. I thought I needed a medication change, but instead the Doctor I saw simply upped my dosage. We'll see how this goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ástrid and I found a therapist who we were told would take our insurance but that ended up being false. Oh well. I'll keep looking!! 💪

Our animal babies are well, too!! Mya's growing even bigger!! 

Here is what I am Currently...

🎮 Playing: LOTS of The Elder Scrolls Online! I started in November and it's become so dear to me. Ástrid and my character are getting married, I've put SO much into my character and we actually met our boyfriend via the game!! I love everything... PvE, PvP and RP. I'm never bored when I'm logged in. This is my character:

📺 Watching: Zombie Land Saga which is a realllly cute anime about zombie girls who are idols!! I highly recommend watching if you love creepy cute characters. 

We're also watching an anime with our boyfriend which is Overlord. It's so good!! "When a popular MMORPG is scheduled to be shut down permanently, veteran player Momonga refuses to log out. As NPCs begin to develop personalities and minds of their own he decides to put his skills to use as the game’s new overlord." Boyfriend actually realized that two of the girls in the series are like Ástrid and I. Albedo is like me and Shalltear is like Ástrid, though she is a little like Albedo too. In order:

🎧 Listening to: I'm soooo far out of the K-pop loop. I don't even know what NCT is doing. 😭 I'm actually going to be getting back into J-pop. I've listened to J-pop since 2004, so it's not new to me, but I don't know what's in right now.

📚 Reading: Boyfriend has me reading one of his favorite novels ever. It's a Chinese novel (he's really into them) called Warlock of the Magus World. I'm on chapter 27 of... 1200. I have a LOT of reading to do!! 

💪 Working on: Eating better and getting in shape!! I'm going to eat one more junk food meal soon and than it's healthier eating and more exercise! I'm also going to be working on my Japanese and finally, I'm going to start drawing more!!

😊 Loving: Ástrid, our boyfriend, our pets... My whole little family. 💕❤️ Our friends. Knowing that it's almost Lunar New Year!! Something REALLY important coming up soon and so much more. My heart is full and happy. There's some personal stuff that I MUST push myself to do, so I have to love myself and put faith in myself that I CAN DO IT, too, because I am slacking. Wish me luck, lovelies~!! 

And tell me what your Currently list is like!! 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Welcome, November~!! 🌽

Welcome, November~!! 🌽 I love the start of a new month. New goals to be completed, new memories to be made and the latter is especially true as we move deeper into Autumn. The night is fair drawin in. We haven't had any snow yet, which is good, giving the Earth time to do her thing and the animals time to prepare, but it's definitely gotten chillier. Those who've known me for a while will know that it's officially Angie hoodie and cardigan season. 🤗

Some of my November goals are: 

🍂 Keep on top of my to-do list. This goal sounds easy, but it's not when you have mental disabilities that work against you. I've had so much build up that it's more of a daunting task than a simple to-do list. I want it to be so that when we enter December, I have no old to-do list.
🍁 Eat more vegetarian foods. I often eat meat because I'm anemic but I can't take iron, so I depend on red meats, but at the same time, as an animal lover and Pagan, I want to limit the animals I eat. Plus, vegetarian food is generally healthier (at least, the kind we buy!! Please don't come at me.) When we do buy meat, as well as eggs, cheese, etc. I'm thinking we'll mainly shop at our local organic market. (Of course, there will be exceptions, like visiting the Korean market!!) Sadly, all of this can't start until the 15th. Ugh. 

🍂 Speaking of Korea: practice my Korean. This course, 90 Day Korean, had a sale for one month of courses for $1. Obviously, I jumped at the chance. I'm working through the first week now and.... It's hella confusing to me, especially because what I learned about romanization before was WRONG, but I have faith I'll get there and Ástrid has a lot of faith in me. 😊 (I really want a Korean to English - English to Korean dictionary, so I don't have to depend on Google translate. 😓)

🍁 Take more pictures. I used to take soooo many per month and I feel like my Instagram has severely been lacking. Pictures are so important to me, so I'll make sure that I take more this month. 📸

🍂 Take the best possible care of my little family that I can. This can include keeping the bank out of the red (I'm so bad with money), making appointments for us and making sure we keep them, eating better in general and so on. This is the most important goal!! I want us all to be healthy and happy. 😊

There's also some little stuff, like finishing the K-drama series' I've been watching, cleaning my desk (though I guess that's part of my to-do list!!), interacting more with friends online and so on. Give me strength, lovelies~!! 

I hope you all have a healthy and happy November yourselves~!!    

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween and Samhain~!! Goodbye, October~!!

Me as a Spider Witch

Hi, lovelies~!! Did you all have a good Halloween (and Samhain, if you celebrate it)?? I hope so!! Ástrid had planned to visit her endocrinologist (her Doctor who prescribed her HRT) on Halloween, so she could wear her Mercy costume, meaning going out as herself for the first time. We woke up early and got ready, went and had a wonderful morning. Minus her blood being drawn, ouchies. 

I know she was scared to go out, but she was also so brave and everything went fine. 💕

Ástrid's Mercy from Overwatch costume!! This was a costume and makeup test before Halloween, though. I didn't get a picture today, ahhhh. 

We came home and pretty much crashed. Neither of us have been sleeping well and we didn't have anything else planned. Once dinner was ready, we had some BBQ beef, deviled eggs, pumpkin pie and cider rum punch. Mmmm!! Plus chips and dip for later, and loooots of candy as it's been so cold lately, so not a lot of kids stopped by!! 

I played some Overwatch, as the new competitive season started and now Ástrid is writing her short story and I am blogging. 😊 It's been a nice day and a nice night and I'm excited to see what November will bring (please, everything good.)

In October, I wrote the posts: Currently, where I talked about all of my current activities and interests, Happy Rebirthday, Ástrid as my gorgeous wife celebrated her 2nd year on HRT!! Full Hunter's Moon Dream Board, where I shared what I was dreaming for from this month's Full Moon until (and beyond) next month's.

I need to catch up on all of your lovely posts. I'll do my best!! Fighting!! 😊 

Goodnight, and Blessed Be~!!