Saturday, March 21, 2020

Weekly Love List

Hello, friends! Blessed Ostara! Today (yesterday) is Ostara and tomorrow (today... This post has taken a while to write) is the first day of Spring. Mmmm, Spring! 🌱 My favorite season is Autumn and I love Winter... But there is so much that I enjoy about Spring as well. The baby birds 🐣 and baby animals in general, the rain and stormy weather ⛈️, seeing grass and other greenery sprout from the ground and on the trees and bushes and so much more. It's so cleansing. Oh and of course... CAMPING!! ⛺️ But we don't have a tent right now. ^_^; Time to start that camping wishlist!!

I plan on taking more pictures of nature this year. I really miss having a good camera. I swear my new phone's pictures are worse than my old phone!! @.@; 

Anyway, it's time for a Weekly Love List and... Wait... Is this my first Weekly Love List of THE YEAR?! IT IS. Well, I hope you enjoy~!! 

1. URWizards Dice. Seriously, these are SO pretty. My absolute favorite is the first one shown here. 

Full Set Grey Cat's Eye Polyhedral Dice Set Gemstone DnD

Full Set Pink Opalite Gemstone DnD Dice Set

(This is totally what I would use for my little Halfling Rogue once I make her.)

Full Set Rose Quartz Polyhedral Dice Set Gemstone DnD Dice Set
Full Set Rose Quartz Polyhedral Dice Set Gemstone DnD Dice Set

✨ 2. Booty Shorts. I've really been embracing my body this last year, including with what I wear and I want a pair of these shorts! They're definitely Ástríð and Koji approved. 

Booty Shorts
Silk High Waist Waistband Shorts which are my FAVORITE

Black Night (Lounge Booty Shorts)
Black Night from a store literally called Cute Booty

New arrival Pretty Little Thing Womens Ladies Pink Crushed Velvet Runner arrival Short Hot Casual Women Skinny Drawstring Shorts|Shorts| | - AliExpress
Pretty Little Thing Velvet Runner Shorts I need a pair of pretty pink shorts like these Women Booty Shorts Black Spandex Running Yoga Sports Plus Dolphin Shorts Athletic: Clothing
Black Spandex Running Yoga Sports the cute pink stripe on these are great!

✨ 3. This Good Girl Crop Top. I just want this for a very special reason. I'll warn you now, the Etsy store that sells, MelmonSquad, is GREAT and also very NSFW. I'm so so so so happy when I find places that sell clothing and accessories that match my lifestyle.
Good Girl Crop Top Ddlg Shirt Ddlg Gift Littlespace Bdsm | Etsy
5. Albion Online and Dauntless. I've been loving both lately! Albion Online is kind of like RuneScape or Ultima Online, though there isn't as much to do. At least in my opinion. But there's a lot of material grinding for either crafting or gold (which is what I do) and I love material grinding and dungeon grinding. There's also a LOT of dueling and even an arena, both of which I love. 

Albion Online
My character, Asakki

Albion Online Koji and I
me and Koji relaxing by our mounts

Dauntless is a bit like Monster Hunter World, but not as realistic or as hard. But it's still pretty challenging and I LOVE the monsters. I want plushies and or statues of all of them! Especially the Riftstalker. 

Dauntless Riftstalker

6. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Koji recommended this anime to me, because he said one character later on in the series reminds him of me and one in the earlier part reminds him of Ástríð! I'm excited to see who and so far the anime is pretty cute. I love all sorts of anime, from gritty thrillers with / and supernatural themes to cute stuff like Sailor Moon and Love Live! This one is more cute, at least for now, and I like the world building. 

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

7. Little Lovelies. Just spending all my time with Ástríð, Koji and our babies. It's the best! ♥ Rain Rain Finally Rain! ♥ Reconnecting with an old friend of ours ♥ My kitty notebook ♥ Getting the urge to sketch again ♥ My runes arriving! ♥ Cinnamon coffee creamer ♥ and so much more~. 

What're you loving, friends?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

5 Fandom Friday x Ways to Enjoy Self-Care

5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care

Hi! It's time for 5 Fandom Friday (even though it's Saturday), which is run by Sartorial GeekKristin of Super Space Chick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie. Definitely give them a follow! Also, follow me too. ^_-

Today's (yesterday's) prompt (this is the 2nd prompt in the list, not yesterday's exactly ^_^;) issss... 5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care! Which is exactly what I've been needing. XD I have a lot going on mental health wise, so self-care is something deeply important to me.

Don't get me wrong. I 100% believe in medication and seeing a Doctor, psychiatrist and or therapist. It's the first thing I recommend to people. There are definitely meds out there that will not work for you. There are definitely bad Doctors, psychiatrists and therapists. But the good often outweighs the bad.

Butttt, if you're like me, you might not be able to get in to see a therapist right away. Or maybe your Doctor is on vacation. Or maybe your insurance doesn't cover any of the above or you don't have insurance to begin with. Or you have everything you need medically and just want to practice self-care for yourself! No matter what your reasoning, here's how I practice self-care. Because it's really important!

1. Depend On Your Family and Friends. I don't like "bothering" people. When Koji, Ástríð and I first got together, I'd often start a conversation with: "I don't want to bother you..." to which Koji would reply: "sweetie, you never bother me" and I would feel better and start talking about how I was feeling. I am very, very lucky. I have two partners who understand and love me, no matter how much I cry (and tell me beautiful while I'm in the middle of crying), no matter how bad my anxiety gets or how sleepy I become or how my mood shifts when my Bipolar Disorder / Borderline Personality Disorder shifts. (I have one or both, I'm not sure, I'll be finding out REALLY soon!) 

Not everyone has this in their life and I fully realize that. But if you do, don't ever worry that you're bothering those who love you. If they truly love you, they'll be there for you and hopefully vice versa! Think this way...

If someone you love is struggling, don't you want to know and be there for them? Well, that goes both ways! 

I also highly recommend cuddling, petting or watching your furry, feathery, scaly, finny, fangy and anything else I'm missing-y family. They are so helpful and comforting too!

1. Depend On Your Family and Friends

2. Have a Good Cry or Let Our Your Frustration in a Healthy Way. I have a really hard time holding back any emotion, which can be bad in some cases, especially when my anxiety is taking hold and I'm dealing with extreme worries that have no reasoning. Kind of a mix of anxiety and OCD. But on the other hand, it's good too! Because when I need to cry, I cry. When I am very angry, my old coping method was unhealthy* but now I hit a punching bag. Or just rant... A lot. 

Don't be afraid to show emotion whether you're around others or alone. Try to deescalate the situation, at the same time, for instance focus on your breathing or one of my favorite methods, run icy cold water on your wrists. Some people find warm water (not hot!) more soothing. Do what's best and healthy for you.

*If you have an unhealthy way of dealing with emotion right now, don't worry, you definitely can stop and find something better. 

2. Have a Good Cry or Let Our Your Frustration in a Healthy Way

3. Play a Game. I think this can work for anyone, not just "gamers", because who doesn't love a fun game?! Whether you find something soothing like Animal Crossing or something more intense like League of Legends helpful, you can calm yourself down or get rid of frustration by focusing on a good game. I love Steam (if you use Steam, add me!) because there are soooo many games to choose from and many of them are free! Plus they stay in your library. Who else remembers having a tower of CDs only to lose the product keys? -_-; I remember having to re-buy most of The Sims 2 for that reason, uggggh. 

Play a Game
A game I am REALLY enjoying right now! Albion Online. I love dueling and grinding materials and this game lets me do both and more!

4. Watch Anime, a Good Dorama or Read a Manga. Outside of gaming, I love love love love anime, a good dorama or manga... Obviously! Even a bad dorama can be entertaining. I don't think I need to describe what any of these are, but they are all Japanese media. I have found anime and manga to be soothing for many many years. My love of dorama started not that long ago though! I think with the live-action Death Note TV series, maybe? I can't remember for sure, but they make me really happy. Ástríð and I are watching Perfect Girl Evolution right now! 

Watch a Dorama

5. Take a Relaxing Shower or Bath. This one has a few parts... First! You, obviously again, take a relaxing shower or bath. If you find them relaxing. I didn't in the past, they actually caused me much anxiety, but I like them now. Anyway! Once you're done, put on the comfiest fluffiest clothing you have and either read or if you're too preoccupied with stuff, make a mind and or body map!

I have loved reading since I was very little, but kind of... Stopped? For no real reason? Outside of manga and fanfiction and a lot of non-fiction stuff like spiritual reading, I didn't do any. Until I met Koji! Now I read a lot and it's very calming. 

If you can't focus on reading because there's too much going on in your head, I suggest making a mind and or body map!

A mind map is where you draw something in the center to hold all the thoughts you have of what you need to get done, what you want to change, etc. These are your "big goals" and from each big goal, a smaller goal or goals should be wrote down and connected to the big goals, outside of the center. This is so you have a place to keep everything you want to do and also have a way of how to achieve everything.

A body map is where you draw your body, however you want, and sense what you feel. Maybe your throat hurts or you feel lower back pain. Maybe you have a lot of anxiety. "Locate" what hurts and what is uncomfortable and likewise, what is feeling good, and mark that down on your body map.

This can really help if you're into chakras! 

Body and Mind Maps

So there you go. That is my 5 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care. I'd like to recommend a 6th, too, which is to go outside! Being outside in nature can really help. I love going out and walking around, look at the trees or stare up at the stars. Having a little fire is nice, going camping is wonderful, hiking is fun... You get the idea.

I hope this helped you, if even a little! Take care, everyone! 

Monday, February 17, 2020

5 Fandom Friday x Fandom Resolutions for 2020

5 Fandom Friday 2020 Fandom resolutions for 2020

OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! 5 Fandom Friday is back!!!! I used to loooove this series. It's run by Sartorial Geek, Kristin of Super Space Chick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie. Definitely give them a follow! Also, follow me too. ^_- 

The first prompt issss...
Fandom Resolutions for 2020

1. Start Streaming! Streaming isn't a fandom (though I am a fan of certain streamers) but it's going to be something that will show off what I fangirl over. So, lots of gaming plus I'll talk about anime and manga. I'm super nervous about this, but 
Ástríð and Koji support me so much and so do some of our friends from our Conan server! I mentioned I have a Twitch and some of them followed me. I already have a decent mic (though I want a better one - if you want to help me do so, here's my Ko-fi), webcam and an extremely good computer, so now it's just a green screen and bravery. ^_^; I think the main thing I'm worried about is people teasing me and also being bad at whatever game I'm playing. I am soooo not a pro!

2. Get Skins on League of Legends! So, Lux was my main for quite a while followed by Soraka and both already have skins that I love. But lately, I've been playing a LOT of Swain and Neeko. I really want them to look nice. I don't really want to spend $10 per skin (though I might just to support Riot, as the game is free), so I have been playing a LOT to get boxes. You have to get an S rank to get boxes and you can only get one box per champion per season. ._. So, it's hard!

League of Legends Lux
My Lux skin is the Star Guardian Lux one. It's my absolute favorite for her! 

3. Get My Next Golden Weapon on Overwatch! Let's see... I have a golden weapon on Widowmaker, D.Va, Symmetra, Junkrat and Mercy. I'd like to get one for Lúcio and Moira. To get a golden weapon, you need to win Competitive matches. Each weapon is 3000 points. So I've played... a LOT.

Overwatch Golden Weapon
My main, Widowmaker! She's the first one I got a golden weapon for. It's so pretty!

4. Write a Guide for Age of Wushu and Also Write Some Gaming Review Posts! Age of Wushu is a complex game but it's my favorite MMORPG! I also loooove writing gaming review posts. I write about either a game I've bought, that has been gifted to me or that has been given to me to review. I include information about the game, my personal opinion and screenshots, gifs and or vids. My Steam library is full and I am constantly looking for new titles to try out. So, if you're looking for a game reviewer, let me know!

Age of Wushu 2019
This is how my character will look soon! I already have the outfit, now I just need the hair and katana!

5. Put Together a Cosplay! I've never actually cosplayed but I've wanted to since 2004... 2004! That's a long time to wait, but Ástríð and I have never been able to go to a con. But, Koji said he will take us to one! I can't wait. ^_^ Here're some characters I would love to cosplay as:

Trigun, League of Legends, Overlord, Majisuka Gakuen
 In order: a female version of Vash the Stampede from Trigun, Star Guardian Lux 
from League of Legends, Albedo from Overlord and Gekikara from Majisuka Gakuen.

There's lots others, but they're some of my favorites! 

Well, there're my resolutions! If you do this prompt, please let me know in the comments so I can come see your answers. ^_^ Take care~!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Ástríð and My 16th Year Together and Ástríð, Koji and My 2nd Valentine's Day as a Trio

On February 13th, Ástríð and I celebrated 16 years of being together! I love this woman so much. 😊 Here are 16 of my favorite memories of ours... 

1. The night before we started dating, Ástríð and I had a day that was filled with lots of flirting and doing general couple like stuff. I told her that I felt like she was my girlfriend for the day. She ended the night by telling me that she loved me and that I was an angel. The next morning, she said if I didn't have a date for Valentine's Day, she would like to be my girlfriend for the day again... I was like, what about just being my girlfriend? 😏 (Smooth!) And so we started dating! 

2. Landing in Utah after flying from Illinois and seeing her in the airport, face-to-face for the first time!

3. Sitting in the Zion National Park, with a misty rain that made everything smell of rain and pine and her telling me she didn't want me to go back to Illinois... Me telling her I didn't want to go back. So I cancelled my ticket back and moved in that night!

4. Sitting on our broken futon, eating pizza, drinking Mountain Dew and playing Star Wars: Battlefront together. This was also around the same time we were watching Bleach. I don't know why this stuck out in my head so much, but it's still one of my favorite memories.

5. Cleaning the houseboats when we worked seasonal jobs in Halls Crossing. Sneaking our salads for lunch on the boat and sitting up high, watching the water. 

6. Speaking of Halls Crossing, moving there, being distraught (on my end) over the state of the trailer we got and Ástríð calming me down by putting on a funny show, preparing a big bucket of bleach and water and having us scrub everything down. Once we did, we lit incense and started decorating. I loved that trailer after.

7. Our wedding! I mean... Obviously. 

8. Driving down old country roads with our favorite CD in and the smell of wild sage in the air. 

9. Our first tent and sleeping under the Moon and stars!

10. Playing chess while smoking our hookah and drinking coffee. Was a little ritual of ours for a while!

11. All of the beautiful handmade gifts that Ástríð has made me and also the gifts she's given me in general. Especially my engagement ring! In a tiered star box for Yule.

12. Our first time going through the local corn maze! I held her hand so tight, hehe! Also, I guess this is a sneaky extra: our first time and well, every time we've gone to the garden park.

13. Going with Ástríð to her first appointment to get started on HRT. I was and still am SO proud of her!

14. Talking before falling asleep. I often fall asleep during our talk, which sounds kind of rude, but it's just because I'm so happy and relaxed.

15. Going outside in the back yard during late Autumn, talking about Guitar Hero while Ástríð smoked her pipe and I took some puffs to try the yummy tobacco. 

16. Everything. This gorgeous woman has so much love for me in her heart, supports me, comforts me and so much more. I love her! 💕

Bonus: Adopting all of our babies with her! 

Sadly, I don't have many pictures of these moments. I lost a LOT of them when my old computer nearly burst into flames. 😔 A lot of these were also before Instagram, etc. so yeah. But that's okay! We'll have a lot of pictures of all our coming special moments! 😁

And for Valentine's Day, here are 14 of my favorite memories of Ástríð, Koji and I! 🥰

1. Ástríð telling Koji that her heart went doki doki for him, being the first one to say something! 

2. Remembering as I woke up the morning after the three of us started dating that "oh my gosh, this is REAL!" Such a wonderful feeling!

3. Koji coming on voice reallyyyy late after an extremely busy day to tell me he couldn't go to sleep until he heard my voice. 

4. The first time the three of us watched something together as a trio! (I hear triad is the typical word, but I just like trio.) We watched Mr. Moon: "The Candle Man Can" - The Movie.

5. Koji giving Ástríð and I our own little places in our manor on Elder Scrolls Online. Not to mention the Sanctuary becoming our home IC even before we started dating. Ástríð got a Necromancy tower complete with her fox Gekkers and I got my meditation room. 

6. The first time we all fell asleep on voice together! Plus waking up together while still in voice!

7. All of Koji's extremely sweet words to us. He's so loving, supportive, sarcastic, funny and just the perfect husband ever. He's heard Ástríð and I at our worsts and he's stood by us and helped us. 

8. Koji doing the BEST murloc impersonation and me drawing a concept he had in his head of a professional murloc on his way to work. 

9. Koji recommending us his favorite novels, even before we started dating. One reason why I fell in love with him was because of his interest in anime, wuxia and some xianxia novels and his PvP skills. It's because they made up a part of him, that I fell in love with him because of them. Does that make sense?! I hope so. The first novel he ever recommended to me was Warlock of the Magus World. 😊

10. The ghost kitty we bought on Elder Scrolls Online. For our 6th month anniversary, we got the ghost kitty so that we each had one. Anniversary cat!

11. Becoming Mimi and Niki's mommies. Mimi and Niki are Koji's kitties and he's suuuuch a good dad to them. I love his love for them and Ástríð and I love them as well! Look at these precious girls:

12. The first time Koji sent us his picture. HE'S. SO. HOT. He told us he looked like an anime character and we believed him, but we weren't expecting the absolute hotness that is his face and body. I don't share pictures of him on here yet, not unless he's comfortable with that, but if friends ask - I definitely send them a pic! This was totally me the first time we saw him: 

13. Learning more about him, his past, what he does like, what he doesn't like, his beliefs, his attitude, his humor. To me, each story is precious. From the serious to the silly and so are all of our moments together. Whether it's just being close and being quiet while the other is doing something, reading together or having him do this dance in the middle of the plaza on Dauntless. ._. I'm going to get another gif of Ástríð being with us soon!


I hope you enjoyed reading more about my little family. 🥰 I love them SOOOO much!  

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Catching Up 2020

HAPPY 2020! I haven't blogged since December, so I want to wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year. ^_^ I gave Sukeban A a makeover and am planning on joining some blogging communities, so I hope to gain some new readers this year! Wish me luck~ 

So far, 2020 has been wonderful! Ástríð, Koji and I celebrated one year of being together on January 3rd and our second Valentine's Day as a trio is coming up soon! Also, Ástríð and I will be celebrating being together for sixteen years on the 13th. Yay!!!! Lots of anniversaries. ^_^ 

As a gift, Ástríð gave me this beautiful necklace with the polyamory symbol. ♥ 

The rest of my catching up that I'll be doing will be in the form of my typical Currently posts. I hope you enjoy and feel free to either answer the Qs yourself in my comments section or post them on your own blog. If you do the latter, please send me the link! 

🎮 Playing: SOOOO much Conan Exiles! I love this game so much. Our server is growing fast. Since December 4th, I have played a total of 893 hours. ^_^; As a moderator of our server, I spend a lot of my time helping our players and I find that very rewarding. When I'm not helping people, I'm decorating the Red Lace Palace which is my bathhouse and brothel or I'm Role-playing! This is my character, Amira. I love her. ^_^

If you play Conan Exiles, come join us! Just ask me for our server name. When I'm not playing CE, I'm playing either Overwatch or League of Legends. On OW I main Widowmaker, Junkrat, Symmetra, D.Va, Mercy, Moira and Lúcio. I'd like to get good with Baptiste, Hanzo and Genji. 

On LoL I main Lux, Swain, Soraka, Mordekaiser and Illaoi. Only Lux and Soraka are level 7, though. I'm working hard on getting Swain up there! I checked my hours earlier this week and... Yeah. ^_^; 

You can check your own here!

📺 Watching: Ástríð and I have been watching so much stuff! We finished season 1 of The Witcher, which was soooo good. Neither of us have played the game series or read the novels, so this was our first experience with the universe. I highly recommend watching! 

We're almost finished with season 1 of 世話やきキツネの仙狐さん (Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san / The Helpful Fox Senko-san), which is soooo かわいい (kawaii / cute!) I am very much like Senko and Ástríð reminds me a lot of Shiro. 

Outside of that, we just started 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ (Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu /  The Full-Time Wife Escapist or We Married as a Job) which was recommended by someone on HelloTalk! It's a romantic comedy. 

🎧 Listening to: Lots of Guns N' Roses. I've liked their music for a long time, but I had never heard a certain song which is this one (below) until Koji told me I should listen. ^_^ It's so good!

I found ℃-ute a day or so ago and I really like their song 夢幻クライマックス, so please give them a listen! 

📚 Reading: So much! Koji found us a fantastic novel called 极道天魔 (Way of the Devil). Here's one of my favorite parts: 

We've also been reading I’m The Great Immortal and The Last Human. The funny thing with I'm The Great Immortal is, I came across the manga because it's one I thought Koji would enjoy as we have similar taste and before I could give him the link, he told me he started reading a new manga. ^_- I know him so well. ^_^ We have VERY similar tastes, too! As for The Last Human, I'm not a huge zombie fan but this manga is soooo good. 

Spirituality wise, Ástríð bought Llewellyn's 2020 Magical Almanac which I can't wait to start reading! She also bought Our Troth Volume 1: History and Lore. Both very good reads! I love how much I have in common with Ástríð and Koji. ^_^ 

💪 Working on: Mainly continuing learning Japanese and as of last month, learning Brazilian Portuguese! When I type in Japanese here on Sukeban A, I include the romaji butttt... Let me just give anyone interested in learning Japanese a piece of advice: do NOT depend on romaji. If you already know the pronunciation of hiragana, that's great and romaji will help you a bit. But if you don't, learn that first. For years, I thought neko was NEE-KO. I said that in front of Koji once and he was like wait... Did you say NEE-KO? and I was like... Yes. I had been saying neko wrong for years. It's NEH-KO. >.<; Alright, lesson over. ^_^; I've really been dedicating myself to my studies. I can totally do this! Even if it's really hard.  

😊 Loving: Ástríð and Koji ♥ all of our babies ♥ the beautiful snow we had a few nights ago ♥ the sweet taste of tea ♥ drinking my coffee without creamer and with cinnamon ♥ being reallyyyy hyper lately ♥ my new コカ・コーラ (Coca-Cola) t-shirt ♥ and so much more!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Conan Exiles

Friends! I have a new game that I am absolutely addicted to. I've played 130 hours in the last week. It's called Conan Exiles and it's soooo much fun. Above is my first character, her name is Amira and she is the wife of Koji's character Kyros and Ástrid's character Reshi! Koji made us a RP-PVP server and we're inviting anyone we know who's interested in playing. So far we have a pretty good group going, but it's still small, so there's plenty of room to start your story and be there from the beginning!

Here're some more pictures:



A small view of the outside of our very big and beautiful palace that Koji made

The entrance to my bathhouse, because I wanted to run my own establishment... Something classy yet comfortable! Koji came up with this idea and built me a beautiful bathhouse!

Two pictures of my new armor

The city we conquered

I have soooo many more screenshots, but I will save them for another post. If any of you play Conan, let me know!